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Experimenting on someone else

Not many people around me know I have a blog. It just never comes up. Then today my sister saw my nails, and said you should start a blog. My reply already have one ha ha. It’s not like anyone isn’t supportive they are. Mom’s always saying have you put them on the blog. I find my blog to be very personal, a bit like my tattoo. Yeh I’ve got one, but why go telling everyone when it isn’t for them it’s for me. Sound’s really silly, but having a blog has made me more organised and focused. Anyway back to my sister, as soon as I said I had a blog it was you can do my nails.

Something Christmasy was the aim. Sorry for no clean up we were in a rush. My big sis wanted red, and chose nails inc the Boltons. The metallic red is spot on for a bit of festivity, but I’m really not sure how I feel on metallics. You can see the brush strokes sometimes.

We went for a bit of subtle candy caning. For a first attempt it turned out well. I bow down to you striping tape. Instead of going for a stark white, I thought using Morgan le Fay would add a bit of sparkle. The only problem that cropped up was when applying sv I should have let it dry a bit more. The paint was too fresh On the right thumb it dragged a little. I am already for the candy cane challenge!!

However I am not ready for the snowflake challenge. I free-handed the snowflake on the thumb, and it wasn’t that great. Adding the silver glitter on top drew the attention away from my mistakes. Not bad to say the nail art took about 30/40 minutes.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty. SV topcoat. Nail inc the boltons. a-england Morgan Le Fay. L.A. Colors art deco stripper in silver. Striping tape, and nail art brush.


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