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Experimenting take 2

Last week I got a helmer, so I’m now part of that club and am no longer in fear of my draws breaking on me. Phew.

Onto the experimenting! I came across an indie the other day that was beautiful. For the life of me I can’t remember the brand, but it was a grey scattered holo with glitter mixed in. I was getting excited, but then I thought I already own a light grey holo, so maybe I could sandwich in a glitter. It actually worked really well.

holo and glitter layering

grey holoThe glitter used was you are loved by Kunimitsu. Every valentines day she releases a glitter. I’m unsure which year this is from.

Now can I just say grey is a big favourite of mine. Personally I find it such calming colour, so when I saw Eeyore by Iconic effect I had to have it! It’s not as sheer as I expected which is great. 3 easy thin coats and you get full coverage.

valentines mash upiconic effect eeyore

This is my left hand, and I’m very proud of it. Those hearts took some deep concentration. The pink used is Sinful Colors pink cream.

Thank you for reading.

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