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Fabulous florals

Sometimes I get to steal some of the shops stock. Not very often though, and other times I have to test it out. Vinyl lines now get tested by me and another nail blogger before I put them up for sale. This time it was testing full nail water decals!

flowers flowers

ragged tulip decals

They were so easy to use it was actually rather shocking. I expected them to be really fiddly, but they weren’t. It was truly a 15 minute manicure!! :O. Had lots of compliments on them, and they lasted a whole week, so I was very happy……..and gutted they had to come off.

Naming products is getting so hard, so I decided all water decal that are floral will be named after special people. Working through my family, but these were named Mabel after a very special lady I used to know and will always remember.

Still have lots of manicures stored away, but I’m already in Halloween mode so I may have to juggle things around. It may be a mix of normal, work appropriate and Halloween manicures. My nails might change shape a bit through out ha ha.

Thank you.

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