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Fading flowers

The end of summer is nearing sadly. This means all the bright and beautiful flowers are disappearing too. Which is why I decided to do some bright flowers following very Emily’s picture polish blog fest tutorial.

very emily tutorial followedIntroducing my new silver holographic polish (well new to me anyway). I have wanted a new silver holo for a while, as I find gosh holographic hero a pain in the butt to apply. It’s been downgraded to a stamping polish now. When I was ill in Wales I ended up watching QVC and wedding programs when I could find one. Any guesses what I saw on QVC?

Why yes it was a couple of the nails inc hours. Royal mews was the one I drooled over….among others. On a side note lets hear it for having no signal so I couldn’t use my credit card to buy all the nails inc hahaha. As you all know I’m a cheapo, and frankly I wasn’t paying full price for the polish. Biding my time and digging through ebay paid off I got this, and another for under £3.00!

nails inc royal mewsRoyal mews took 3 coats for full coverage. Then I followed the tutorial which is easy to do. I will admit I was knackered on sunday so I did this lying down leaning on one arm. I only added the flowers and dots, as I wore Royal mews on it’s own for a wedding on Saturday.

hola holo

Thank you 🙂


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