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Feeling a bit blue?

I wanted a funeral friendly polish, that wasn’t black. I didn’t want to seem disrespectful wearing a bright colour. This lead to me blobbing a few dark colours on my nails. Essence Jacobs protection and a-englands lady of shallot won.I ended up choosing both to compare them.

a-england lady of shallott

These aren’t swatches don’t worry. These two polishes did not want to work with my camera AT ALL. Someone should definitely do a swatch comparison though as they are so a like.

essence jacobs protection

The base colour on both look the same, and the shimmer particles are the same colour. The shimmer particles are smaller in a-engands lady of shallot than the ones in essence Jacob protection. Out of the two a-englands is much nicer to apply, as the formula is better. A big shocker is that neither of these polishes stained.

essence & a-england

Polishes used: Seche vite, Sally Hansen double duty, a-england in lady of shallot, Essence in Jacobs protection.



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