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Glitter gradient

Easy is how I would describe this manicure. This manicure being my very first glitter gradient. I do love me some sparkle, and my how sparkly my nails are. Gradients with a sponge is something I have never attempted, as they seem messy and time consuming. Lazy I know! So whilst I was adding to my huge list on Pinterest I came across Katy’s tutorial. Suffice to say I will attempt more of her tutorials.

My nails are really short 🙁 but the stupidly irritating break finally grew out YAY. The rest of my nails had to suffer DUN DUN DUN. The past few manicures I have done have been super bright; so I thought I would calm things down by using a lighter colour.

For my glitter I wanted to complement the pink, and Model own northern lights was perfect. I’ve only recently tried Models own polishes, and I gotta say I’m impressed with them especially the northern and southern lights from the new wonderland collection. Now for my left hand…

Ahhhh I caught the edge of my thumb with nail varnish remover, but it wasn’t that noticeable except on this picture ha. I really didn’t want to remove this manicure. I loved the colour’s together. It was pretty surprising how much the glitter caught the light. I would highly recommend using Katy’s tutorial, and will definitely attempt her pansy tutorial in the near future. Sometimes I think damn I’m picture heavy but I enjoy blogs that show me the products as well so I’m following suit. How funky is my background?! Its my mac skin, since I’m a bit lazy I try to work with whatever backgrounds in front of me.

Polishes used No7 2 in 1 base coat, Ruby & Millie nude 8000c (doubt its available anymore its an oldie), Models own northern lights, and seche vite top coat.


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