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GOSH holographic hero, and layering holo’s XD

I’ve had a love hate relationship with GOSH holographic hero (the latest version). It’s a polish I didn’t think I would own due to the silly prices on eBay considering its a 5 pound polish. By sheer luck I managed to get one from Superdrug….well a couple. I will keep one for a future give away. Now time to look at the sparkle O.O.

This polish became my enemy…for a while. Applying it aggravated me. Each coat took ages to dry, and I’m a bit impatient with my nails. First coat was fine. Second coat it dragged :O and left little patches obviously I hadn’t left it to dry long enough. Third coat fixed it! Seche vite HAD to be applied or I would have been up for another hour waiting for it to dry to avoid sheet print. Clean up was a big job for me.

Sadly I cant afford holographic’s in other colours. It got me thinking about layering, and then it occurred to me. The perfect polish was in my collection! Maybelline express in blue water, orange water, lemon water and berry water. They are years old. I think I tried them once, and decided I didn’t like them, BUT I defiantly love them now! They transformed the colour without losing the holographic-ness. So I taped off the section, and painted away.

I got that excited with how it turned out I decided to take photos instead of tidying them up first! Not only was it my first time using a holo, but I thought I would use my new striping tape another first. Straight lines seem to have something against me!! They always go crooked for me. The tape doesn’t look straight to me, no matter how many times I tried it still didn’t look straight oh well. The striping tape gave it a neat, and finished look. This post is picture heavy. Sorry about that, but I found it hard to capture the amazing holo on camera. Sunday night I applied holographic hero and it didn’t chip until Thursday which is great. Seche vite helped lots and lots. Big question am I lover or hater now? LOVER!!!

Polishes used: GOSH holographic hero. Maybelline express in blue, orange, lemon, and berry water. Seche vite top coat. Striping tape. Oh and sally hansen 2 in 1 top and base coat didn’t take a picture though.


P.S. The striping tape lasted all of 2 hours on some nails. Aggravation lead to picking it off.

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