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Gradient time

This gradient thing I am determined to crack it. Here’s another attempt. My tool is a standard bath sponge chopped up; I know others use a make up sponge, but at the the time there was a spare bath sponge lying around. Now I have the whole sponge to work through.

glitter gradient 1

glitter gradient

My camera is not liking this gradient at all. It looks like the ends of my nails are frosted, but the camera doesn’t agree. I applied Lacura’s pepper mint, dabbed a bit of a-englands Morgan le Fay, then put a little Paul & Joe’s pixie on the tips to add that extra sparkle. This gradient was really quick, and I’m happy with how it turned out. Yay for me.

glitter gradient polish

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty. Lacura in pepper mint. a-england in Morgan Le Fay. Paul & Joes pixie. Seche vite, and a bit of bath sponge.


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