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I can’t believe I never posted my graduation nails on here. Mind you it was the week my life became hectic.

picture polish grace grad

graduation nails

grace none sunlight copy

My picture polish collection is tiny, and consists of 3 polishes. Grace gets used a lot! At the time I was living off the shops wage, which isn’t as much as people think so I couldn’t afford to buy pp grace for graduation to match my dress. It bummed me out a bit as I wasn’t looking forward to graduation at all. Then along came a surprise package from Saira and Susan containing grace and too fancy peacock parade, as a congratulations. Made me well up and shed a tear. My friend kiran got me hard candy date night that was the perfect match for my accent nail. The graduation cap vinyl is what I gave my besties who all wore them on their graduation days as well.

Although I was a horrendous nervous wreck, and they pronounced my last name as davies I had a really good day!

Thank you

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