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Greedy green

Knightsbridge Green from Nails inc is absolutely gorgeous.  It was a part of a set my parents (who are very supportive) got me for Christmas. Anyone else associate Knightsbridge with Harrods and lots of money? I do anyway, and took some inspiration from my crazy association in the form of gold and gems. Cus you know who doesn’t have a nose at the jewellery section in Harrods?

I took part in my very first swap last week with nail loopy. She is a lovely person, and I want her glitter placement skills! She is now the proud owner of O.P.I Pure, and I’ve ticked the man with the golden gun! Two families have now been created with the mommy (pure), the daddy (mwtgg) and the baby (sopi it’s real!).

nails inc knightbridge roadI apologise for the fingerprints on my nails which I have only just noticed typing this up. There isn’t a hand care routine round here…..hand cream is something that I forget and neglect. Lately the have been dry, so its a quick fix of slathering crap loads on before the camera comes out oops.

To say these were done in bed with ice on my back (finished my physio exercises) they aren’t bad. Once I slapped Knightsbridge Green on I added a pretty green flakie from Nails inc called Lumley Street to my thumb and little finger. It’s actual more visible than in the photo. On the middle and index finger I added O.P.I gold topcoat (mwtgg). Then on the accent nail stamped some gems.  A full image stamped straight and covering all the nail is a big first for me! Forever stamping wonky. The accent nail on my right is stamped more clearly. Most likely as I had cute my finger on the pad on the right hand.


better on the rightEven though I have the Konad black I seem to forever ignore it in favour for the Barry M gold and silver foils. They make stamping SO easy.

Did my Knightsbridge/Harrods inspiration shine through?

Thank you for reading :).


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