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Happy halloween!

I  have a confession to make: for the first time ever I haven’t got a pumpkin :O the horror. Ive been busy, and haven’t actually been anywhere I could get one.

On Monday I went to the Halloween bar crawl, and we went as black cats. Technically I was a black and pink cat. I got very excited at the prospect that my nails would glow in the clubs/pubs with the UV and black lights, but NO my UV neon glitter didn’t glow. Not all is lost as Susan kindly sent me a black light pen, and I played with that instead.

bar crawl nailsThis nails are a bit naff, but they did the job.

close kitty

I used a-englands bridal veil for the base colour, then added a layer of Lush Lacquer (Polish me silly) freckles. For the cat I used Sinful colors cream pink, and O.P.I my boyfriend scales the walls for details.

kitty smallIt was a struggle to get these pictures with 2 people let alone one haha. This is on my phone as it captured a blur free picture, and the below picture is with my camera.

blurry backlight

There will be another set of Halloween nails coming, as I’m working on some now.

Thank you.

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