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Hello there loveys,

I’m a bit behind with my blogging. I usually blog as I do my nails, but studying has got in the way. Luckily my dissertation has been handed in and I only have 3 assignments left, but sadly no motivation.

zeus shimmerYes you are seeing sinful colors Zeus. My very first lemming I may add. Its stunning with all that shimmer….and mine ALLLL mine. Thank you PM for making my dreams come true.

I decided to pair it with tarastalons holosphere from the fan collaboration collection. The formula was an issue for me, but I’ve added a bit of thinner in since. Frankly it’s a beautiful gentle holographic infused duochrome, and I love the colour! In my adventures to get better at stamping I used my new MM bird plate, and a england lady of the lake to stamp it with.

sinful colors zeusNow on another note I’m exhausted mentally lately, so I might ramble on because lets face it this is my slice of the net. I need a holiday!

Thank you.

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