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How did I make it last!

*This was meant to have posted a while ago. There must have been a mess up with the app when it uploaded, and I only found it the other day under drafts. Sorry about not posting yesterday had a big family/friend day*

Whats a nail blogger to do when something time consuming comes along?

Nail stickers/strip/dresses whatever you want to call them that’s what.

fresh houndstooth

These are the Sally Hansen ones. I found it hard to get them to stick well by my cuticle, and I messed up on the ends on my nails on a few. They lasted for 6 days till I couldn’t stand the grow out anymore.

rough houndstooth

On the fifth day I went in the shower and came out with this o.O. Very glad I applied a coat of SV to these nails otherwise I don’t think they would have lasted as long.

houndstooth accent

Have you noticed the sun in my pictures?! Sun glorious sun, not that I ventured out in it much with all my university work. So I worked an accent nail into the manicure.

Lots of people complimented me on these nails, and I will use the strips again. I’ve already brought some for my holidays!!

Thank you.

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