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How many candles?

Haven’t had birthday candles since I was 18, and thinking about it the more you add the more likely I am to have a clumsy moment…..and no one wants a fire.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m pretty what ever about it now, but my nails have to be right for the day. What this idea of ‘right’ is I have no clue, but I already removed an ok manicure late last night. I’m also posting early as it’s a busy day tomorrow.

IMG_4545NPersonally cuticle oil on photo’s was niggly area for me until I no longer had time to moisturise often…..oops. My cuticles are terribly dry.

IMG_4548ZI am loving #party from the Tara emporium it is gorgeous!

IMG_4549AOn my accent finger I stamped a few things that I personally like. There are keys, birdcages, birds, music notes, and a heart on my other hand.

IMG_45A51The base is Essie smooth sailing which I only brought for it’s similarity to picture polish denim. The formula on this Essie is good, so I don’t understand why it’s so hit and miss for me with others from Essie.

IAAAMG_4552So not sure on the long nails, but to be honest cutting them down and filing them is a time consuming task that I don’t really have time for lately. Feel like I’m being stretched thin lately between uni,2 different lots of volunteering, and running the shop; I will persevere though!!!! It won’t beat me *do the running man*, and now I’m rambling.

Thank you!

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