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I carried a watermelon

I’ve always wanted to say that after a teenage summer full of watching Dirty Dancing. It was my early teens no need to worry ;). Ulta’s watermelon should have been called I carried a watermelon in my eyes.

My lovely new godmother 😉 Margaret sent me a little care package from Australia that coincided with me being ill. Fortunately I’m slowly getting better, and can work my way through my goodies. Was a bit disappointed when I forgot about eating my last TimTam. Why do these things happen?!

ulta stop the pressesI was on the fence about black and white glitters, then Margaret pushed me over it with Ulta’s stop the presses. It’s fabulous! I decided to run with the black and white theme by using Born Pretty Stores QA50 plate, some Avon Barbie stickers, and She Sells Seashells black bow rhinestones. I started off by stamping a white frame….I can’t stamp straight or on centre, so it’s artistically off centre ;). Then I placed Barbie’s head in the frame topcoated it, and then placed the bow rhinestone on. As with all rhinestones and studs I just topcoated it to seal it all in.

ulta watermelon We have a few issue with bubbling, and frankly they aren’t done perfectly, but I like them. Thank you again Margaret for your kindness! Everyone needs to own Ulta’s watermelon it’s such a refreshing colour.

Thank you.


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