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I cracked it…… YES

Random blog title, but it does fit in with the post. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of my mani you should all head on over to a-england, because Adina’s decided to treat everyone to a sale!!!! How I adore thee a-england. My orders been dispatched XD. Now onto my manicure. I’m trying to work through a new system I’ve seen many bloggers use; Use untried’s. Since starting the blog my stash has grown. Excuse = it’s for the blog. That is how I try to reason it. We all know the polish monster in me has broken free!!!!!! So far I have stuck to the system. I fished out Sally Hansen in Dorien Gray, Maxfactor silver, and Models own Jack frost.

Whilst out doing a bit of food shopping this week, I popped into boots. Which led me to a new polish and scotch tape on sale. One of the first blogs I came across was Chloe’s nails. Her scotch tape mani’s made me stop in my tracks; they look fab. Never have I been successful all due to the tape I’ve tried to use before. Standard and masking tape will not cut with my craft scissors, and scotch is expensive here. Then good ole boots helped me out putting it on sale for a £1.01. I grabbed all 3, and when I took them to the till they were 3 for 2. It’s really exciting for me as I have about 18 pairs of different craft scissors. Fun to come. These are the ones I chose to use.

I cracked it!!! I was so pleased, but I wish I hadn’t of added the glitter top coat. It made my grey base coat appear blueish, and no matter how many times I applied top coat it would not sit over the glitter grrr ( 3 layers of topcoat).

When the glitter doesn’t catch the light it looks like an ugly yellow 🙁 I’m on the fence with the glitter topcoat to be honest. Can you see my dodgy touch up? Thats thanks to seche vite. Don’t get me wrong it’s an essential for me, but it bugged me a bit shrinking that much. In saying this I will use it as long as it’s still being produced.

All in all I think the accent nail would have been more noticeable without the glitter topcoat oh well. The top coat is rather pretty. It looks hideous on the pictures but it reflects a lovely light blue. Something weird is occurring 3 people are after me to do their nails. I’m not that great at it, but surely I’m doing something right aren’t I? I feel pretty honored to be honest. I did my sister in-laws as she’s going to Germany. She had a white base and glittery gold french tips. Next up are my neighbors nails tomorrow for a wedding on Sunday, then after that I’m booked to do my mom in-laws for the 1st of December.

I missed out on transgender day of remembrance mani to raise awareness due to uni work. Lacquer lad brought it to my attention showing his awesome support on the subject. Last year we were given a uni assignment. Our two choices were Dyslexia or Transgender. I’m a big believe in choosing things that interest you, so I chose transgender. Some of the things I researched into are truly disgraceful. For example how can a parent bring a child up to be that un-accepting of difference that they would publicly pull down a little boys trousers to show his peers he doesn’t have the ‘right’ genitals. The childhood aspect of gender dysphoria (transgender) interests me greatly. It must a tremendous struggle for the parents and the child. The natural urge is to want to protect a child and look after their best interests. I have no problem with the subject, you could be gay, straight, transgender, a girl or a boy as long as you are happy with yourself. Being happy is all that counts.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty, Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in Dorien Gray, Maxfactor max effects in silver, Models own in Jack frost, and seche vite.


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