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I fell down the rabbit hole ()_()

This is all the outcome of a splatter manicure that didn’t start well, and I needed to save it. Enter rabbits! I’m feeling pretty proud about these nails, as my nail art is usually rubbish. My right hand actually turned out decent :O shocked myself with that one.


My little green rabbit looks a bit lost, but oh well. I don’t know if you can see but his one ear is bent to give him a little bit of character. These nails are pretty fun to look at, except when you have a migraine like I did this morning :/.

easter nails

This is my right hand which I usually mess up on spectacularly, so I’m pleased with myself. My sv bubbled :'(. Sorry about the terrible clean up job, but the smell of the remover wasn’t helping my migraine. Tomorrow I will be celebrating Easter with my in laws family, it’s a tradition. Bring on nans cooked dinner!!

easter line up

Products used: Nailtiques formula 1 base coat. Umberto Giannini in lady love. China glaze in mimosa’s before mani’s. O.P.I. in Dutch ya just love opi. Seche vite in may be modest. a-england in bridal veil. L.A colors striper in white. Seche vite top coat. Avons 2 in 1 dotting tool and nail art brush.

Now go eat some chocolate and sweets!!!! Yum.


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