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I’m feeling peachy

This post is nearly 2 weeks old O.O I swear I’m not being lazy! Things with the shop have gotten very busy and exciting. That combined with my volunteering and lack of social life has kept me away. Still I make time to do my nails which is the important part!

I’ve been pretty good shopping wise lately, but when Sally Magpies gives you a 50% off everything code you have to take advantage right?! I was very well behaved and only got two…..someone cart jacked my lagoon :'(.

One of the polishes was Lilypad lacquers I’m feeling peachy which I have been eyeing up for ages, and Saira has heard way too much about it. It was already on sale, and worked out to £3 something :O!! Think I didn’t buy it prior as there aren’t many swatches around, so I couldn’t see its real colour.

lily pad and water decalsNone of my photos do the holo in it justice, but trust me it is amazing and is a 2 coater! What I also found was it had iridescent blue micro glitter in it, which is prominent in non sunny areas. The idea of glitter mixed in with a holo put me off, but it is actually very pretty.

lilypad lacquer im feeling peachyorange holoAlthough it has peach in the name it id definitely orange and that makes me like it even more, as I wanted an orange holo.

flower decalsindoor im feeling peachy

Decided to add some water decals from She Sells Seashells after a full day of wearing it alone. It was the suns fault it was making me feel summery.

Odd question instead of manicures taking you less times as you go on, do they take you longer to do? because frankly my nails take forever to do. A plain manicure with a bit of filing takes me 45 minutes -_-.

Thank you.

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