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It’s Halloween….soon

I adore Halloween! I’ve done the whole wearing a bin bag as a witches dress when there’s been a chance of ran. Been carried by mom when I was moaning my legs hurt when I was about 3 but was determined to carry on trick or treating. My poor mom. I really wish we celebrated as big as America does!! So I’ve decided my Halloween manicures are pushing to the front of the que. I may have gone a bit batty with photo’s ;).

neon bats

blurry bats

nail it tangerine

dark metal lacquer trouble

I’ve forgotten the name of the dark metal lacquer base colour, but it was limited edition to buying the first collection as a whole. It’s a fabulously pretty 2 coater!! Having my own e shop has its perks. Especially when I get to try new products like the bats, and this time I tried seeing if I could stretch the bat stencils to 2 manicures and I did! How fab is this neon that M sent me from Australia?!

Thank you



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