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Jelly packed glitter!

Jelly sandwich’s are fun, and I enjoy playing with them. Weirdly I’ve never tried an actual jelly polish with lots of different shapes in. Lekker lacquers santa’s curfew has changed all that. It is a deep navy jelly filled with holographic circle, bar, star, and moon glitter. I’ve slowly come round to idea of circle glitter, but only really like it on the small side. The polish is that pretty I can put up with the circle glitter.

starry sky

lekker lacquer santas curfewWith flash you can see some patches in colour, but I can definitely say I haven’t once spotted any patches to my naked eye. Just moving my hand from left to right in any light there’s always pieces of glitter that pick the light up. It really is a gorgeous polish, and a big favourite of mine. Big plus I got as a buy one get one free deal after Christmas.

santas curfew stars copysantas curfew close up

Wasn’t too sure what would compliment the double accent, so I decided to go with the idea of a starry sky with all the moon and star glitters packed into santa’s curfew. Started with a base of O.P.I keeping Suzi at bay, then applied a coat of Gosh holographic hero and used the cling film technique. With some defected holographic studs I had left from the shop I decided to use them in this manicure, as different stages of the moon. Hope the idea translated. I decided to do a manicure with darker colours, as for the past 10 days I seem to have gravitated to darker colours minus one day. Theres been lots of teals mixed in too.

That index nail drives me batty. I never like the look of it, I’m determined that the cuticle is more rounded compared to the others.

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