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Kate Spade nails inc Glamour shades

It’s that time of year again when Glamour magazine gives away free nails inc shades. Now I did have all four shades swatched, and 2 comparisions, but they aren’t all on my memory card :,(.

kate spade nails inc glamour setIn order from left to right: New York Noir  (glossy black), Uptown Glamour (gold metallic), Soho Silver (silver metallic), and Big Apple Red (glossy red).

All colours are different from last years free ones, but if you weren’t super picky about shade variations I would suggest you only need uptown glamour and Soho silver.

These are quick dirty swatches, so no clean up was involved.

uptown glamour nails incThe metallics shocked me as I expected them to very streaky like some of the foil line are, but they are a kind of low key streaky I can deal with. It’s more of a muted soft gold bordering on champagne. Upon removal I noticed its base town on the cotton wool pad was brown. This is without topcoat.

kate spade uptown glamour nails incIt is a great addition to my nails inc family, and for £2 it’s cheaper than a hight street polish.

Thank you.

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