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Kielbasa anyone?

Hands off my kielbasa! was a shade I adored on others, purchased then the appeal wore off. I avoided using it until last week for a pedicure. It’s a shade that has grown on me thankfully; hate regretting purchases.

hands off my opiThe brush strokes aren’t as visible as I thought they would be. Does anyone else’s seche vite start playing up when the bottle is half empty? Mine always does no matter how much thinner I put it in. As you can probably see with the shrinkage and bubbling.

Couldn’t resist doing a jelly sandwich accent nail. This one wasn’t isn’t so great; it’s got a bald spot from rushing to get them done before I went out whoops. I started off with two coats of O.P.I don’t touch my tutu, one coat of technics bedazzled, another coat of don’t touch my tutu, one last coat of bedazzled, and a final one of don’t touch my tutu.

More copper glitter sandwich’s will be in my future.

Thank you.


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