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Lizard gradient

My fiancé thought my manicure looked lizard like hence the name. This cheap nail varnish caught my eye due to the colour.

lp polish limited edition

It’s the perfect colour to layer my different dimensions you,me and flower on top of when it comes. Downside to this polish it leaves brush strokes. Can’t complain for £2.29.

gradient green

I bet your thinking another gradient! I’m determined to crack gradients. Have to say I love these colours together, and how they flow into each with the gradient.

LP polish

I’m intrigued to use no17’s potion by itself. It’s such a deep mossy like green. This gradient I will be doing again. My SV is being iffy again, so i felt it let down my manicure :(. A few people commented on the colour and manicure, so it can’t be all that bad.

no17 potion

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty. Laura Paige in limited edition 58. no17 in potion. Seche vite, and a make up sponge.

Thank you.

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