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Lulu Guinness nails

Lulu Guinness accessories make me weak at the knees. I forever miss spell Guinness as Guiness though. The same can probably be said for my sister too. The quirky and simplistic designs are always fun. Luckily I own a matching necklace and earrings and the bird-cage umbrella. The umbrella was a present off my parents for Christmas one year; my sister got the letter design one. The jewellery I got reduced way back when I worked which you will see.

I stumbled across THIS design when I was googling the small collection Lulu Guinness did with Uniqlo. As you can imagine I was all over that little collection.

Lulu GuinessI tried to include my Lulu Guinness necklace like Marta does from Chit Chat nails, and that just wasn’t happening. No shocker really as I always feel awkward positioning my hand.

The lips are such an iconic piece. Who doesn’t love the lips clutches?!?! I managed to hunt one down for a reasonable price for my sister too. That means I get lending rights right?

The lips on my right hand are better than my left for some reason. Maybe because I had a little practise who knows.

lulu guiness nailsThe cat weirds me out a bit. It’s as if it’s trying to stare me out. Using it’s red babez by Nails inc isn’t the best colour for nail art as you can see it’s not great for coverage so you can see my mistakes. Also I’ve used the Barry M nail art pen in white a couple of times and I’m not too impressed by it’s coverage. Tad too watery.

close up of lady lulu guinessThis little lady caused me so much trouble the right eyelash took me 2 attempts then the left took 4!!!! So I gave up on it. Luckily it’s my favourite nail it better last a while. She also hides where I had to cut my nail down due to a break. This manicure was ridiculously time consuming and made my back ache :/

Before I did my own nails I did my nieces with some holo seen as it was sunny. She’s a nail biter and we had a break through, so imagine my surprise when she had bitten them again. Oh well whilst she has polish on she avoids biting. Also added some stickers to jazz it up.

emelia holo

Thank you.


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