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Making a fool out of yourself

Yep I did indeed. I’m not a very logical thinker, so when a nail polish doesn’t state anything about pulling a lid off I naturally don’t bother to try to take it off. Thank you Butter London for telling me. Away I go painting my nails with Illamasqua raindrops, and my hand is getting annoyed by the hefty lid. After one coat the annoyance appears. Instagram then gets a bit of an ear’ole off me about it. Cue my embarrassment when I’m told the lid comes off by Margaret and Susan haha.

ilamasqua lidThought my thumb was going to drop off after, it was on THAT tight.

ilamasqua raindrops tape manicureRaindrops took 4 coats for full coverage. If applied evenly it would probably only take 3. Mine went on in a random order. First night I had 3 coats on, and then the next day after volunteering I added the fourth coat. Now I have to say I am very impressed that I only had one tiny chip after volunteering, because I scrubbed two barbecue grills with no gloves!!! Messy horrid work that was.ilamasqua raindrops

blurry holo

For a subtle look I added a little art deco tape design in Up colors Azul disco. The design isn’t noticeable at all unless your up close, then BAM it shows it sparkly goodness in direct light.

I’ve lost my nail mojo again it seems. I wore my heart manicure for 6 days, then I couldn’t think of anything to do on my nails. I’m putting it down to the excitement of opening my nail art accessories shop She Sells Seashells, and getting impatient for my stock. I really am excited, and have had lots of help and advice from the nails community! Heres to hoping it works out…..Now only if my stock would arrive  -_-.

Thank you for your patience 🙂



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