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Maxfactor fantasy fire

I’m so late to this Maxfactor fantasy fire party its unreal. I wasn’t going to buy it, but my mom convinced me. After buying one for both inky and sketter’s birthdays I explained to mom how it was a dupe. Mom’s answer you need it then don’t you. Simple as that. When I was talking about it with skeeter we thought it would be interesting to try it over Nails inc Baker street. I have major love for that polish.

maxfactor fantasy fire with flash

This is with flash. It’s nowhere near how it looks to the eye.

maxfactor fantasy fire 2 coats

baker street & fantasy fire

Here is a blurry picture. Hopefully it shows the shimmer well.

maxfactor fantasy fire shimmer

It looks phenomenal. Can’t wait to try it on top of other colours.

baker street

Products used: usual top and base coat. Nails inc in Baker street, and Maxfactor in fantasy fire.

Sorry about the terrible pictures. Thank you.

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