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Meet up nails

This was meant to go out last week whilst I was on holiday. I was pretty ill on holiday and I don’t have signal or 3g in the bungalow. That meant I couldn’t ring Rich and ask him to post on the blog. I apologise, but it couldn’t be helped :(. Back to normal now 🙂

As you all probably know I had a date with Saira when I went down London for a couple of days with a friend. We had a lovely time, and I can’t wait for the next time!! O.k. so I’ve never been able to afford to eat at Harrods, but I finally did!!!! Just thought I should share that.

foils and sparkles

I went with green, as Saira’s blog is called the girl with the green nails. Also it gave me a chance to use my new Orly sparkling garbage.

orly sparkling garbage

Sinful colors in mint apple is what I used as my base.  I used Daring Digits snow flurries on my thumb and little finger. I really like it even if it’s just a topper. Adds a bit of something to the manicure. Another polish from Jenna’s mystery boxes that I adore. I wasn’t how many coats I would need of sparkling garbage for full coverage, and didn’t really have the time to find out so I just applied 2 coats as a topper on my index and ring finger. The plan was to doodle on my middle finger with the Barry M nail art pens, but impatient me didn’t wait for the polish to dry completely and poked a hole in the polish o.O. Nail foil to the rescue! I love the stuff.

saira meet up nails

No idea why I watermarked this picture at all. Till the next time!!!

In Kiko the sales assistant grabbed my hand and was asking about Orly sparkling garbage haha.

Thank you 🙂

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