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Meeting fabulous people

At the beginning of this month I go to meet some fabulous ladies. As luck would have it Susan from dream wanders and Sabine from my polish stash were visiting London on holiday at the same time. So me, Hannah from Polly polish, Esther from fab fingertips, Nail loopy, Annette from rainbow connections all trekked up to London to meet up with Susan, Sabine and Saira.

Here’s what I wore on my nails:

glam polish high priestess

Glam polish high priestess is stunning!!! I no longer feel the need to own pp lagoon, as this is prettier in my opinion aka more glittttter.

keep calm amd carry on manicure

I had fab time meeting everyone, and feel Daniel was such a good sport for listening to our chatter. Sabine has a keeper there.

Everyone also saw my insane Essence love when we found the stand. I went wild and it still only cost £16!!! Obviously I popped into kiko and picked up a few.

Sorry to keep it short I’m squeezing some posts in between working.

Thank you.

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