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Mini haul

Holographic’s how i love thee, but cannot afford thee; Until now! My aim was to buy Boots own brand 17 holographic polish that was 4 pound, but it was sold out. Then I thought hey I’ll pop into Superdrug see if they have the GOSH holographic every ones gone crazy for. I really didn’t think they would have it so I was shocked to find it. Due to the fact I can’t afford the prices of O.P.I and China glaze holos I did check out the GOSH one on eBay. Pretty shocking prices they go for to say its only a £5.00 polish!!! I also grabbed a Sally Hansen base coat as my current ones become a failure. I’m being taunted by yellow nails. Whilst in town I hit up the pound shops. Poundland had a decent choice of Sally Hansen nail polishes. I grabbed 3.

I tried to capture the holo in the bottle, but I don’t think I’ve done it justice.


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