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Mixed melody

Handed in what was hopefully my last assignment on Monday, so I’m now free to blog…..multiple posts whilst listening to the new the black keys album on iTunes. Heres hoping it’s good.

catrice mint me up with lilactric dotsblitzed unicornlilactric with starsThey are on the rough-looking side, as I most likely didn’t have time to take photos right away. Sorry.

For this mash-up I went withe blitzed unicorn from chubby owl polish. A milky white full of pastel glitters and a sprinkle of gold glitter is right up my alley. Also glad I got this after Christmas, as the yellow glitter was added into the mix and it’s not really me. Obviously I had to add the gold unicorn embellishments from she sells seashells. Then I added Catrice lilactric and mint me up. Like the silly person I am I forgot that the stickers are visible over a heavy shimmer, but oh well. Now I couldn’t leave my pointer plain, so lilactric got its dotty groove on.

Thank you.

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