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Models own free polish from more magazine

Last night I got dragged out in cold to get stuff for tea even though I wasn’t going to eat it :,(. I hate being cold, and my back didn’t want to co-operate. So I made a deal…. I’ll go with if I can have a nail polish. My fiancé was adamant I come to get not even 10 items. Lucky for my fiancé I liked none, then wandering down the magazine isle more magazine popped up (not literally) telling me it has a free Models own polish. They had 2 different colours and 2 lip glosses. I got nude beige. For £1.50 how could anyone say no? Me being me I had to use it when I got home. I started thinking about what else I could use for my mani, and came up with using the free polishes I’ve gathered from magazines. Here’s how it turned out.

After I had applied Nails inc glamour glitter (free with Glamour this month). They look so elegant together. They aren’t in you face, but they aren’t boring either. Perfect combo. Originally I planned to do a stripe down the middle with another free polish, but the fiancé thought it would spoil it. I’ve come to the conclusions I can’t capture glitter  polishes on my nails ugh. Look how pretty they look. I’m starting to improve with applying nail polish without it touching my cuticle…..I think. It still goes all over my finger though :/, and if it’s a polish that needs a lot of coats then I do get it touching my cuticle. Today I’m going to pop to see if I can get another free glamour glitter, because I can see it becoming my favourite, and I don’t want to run out and have to pay the stupid price on eBay.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty as base coat, Models own in nude beige, Nails inc in glamour glitter.


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