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Models own Mirrorball collection swatches

This is a first for me; to own a whole collection. My dream collection is O.P.I. NYC ballet I currently own two. Now one thing I adore about this collection are the names of the polishes. All great songs from the 70’s: Disco inferno, Dancing Queen, Freak out, Boogie nights, and Hotstuff. My fiancé brought me this collection along with a Nails inc box set. He is naughty. I told him he can’t buy me a Christmas present, because he brought me a kindle in the summer. He decided to be sneaky, and buy them me exclaiming “they aren’t Christmas presents if I give you them now”. Not that I’m complaining. He doesn’t realize it yet, but he can never moan about my hoard of nail polishes. I will simply say you’ve feed my addiction in the past muhahahaha! This post is going to be picture heavy, and this polish wouldn’t work with me when taking photos.

Disco inferno has flecks of orange, gold and green. The gold flecks appear to be holographic.

Dancing Queen contains gold, green, light and dark blue glitter. Now I really wanted this polish to be my favourite of the lot; just because Dancing Queen by ABBA is one of my ultimate songs. This baby will be blasted at my funeral. Shake things up a bit. Out of all them this has to be my ranking in at the bottom spot.

Freak out……..Le Freak, C’est Chic. Had to be done. This polish has magenta, light blue and dark blue glitters. Again with all the polishes the biggest bits of glitter are holographic.

Boogie nights contains flecks of lilac, magenta and dark blue glitter.

Hotstuff is my absolute favourite of the collection!! It contains red, magenta, silver and gold pieces of glitter. Now in this colour the gold and silver appear to be holographic. Three out of the five polishes contain dark blue and magenta flecks of glitter. The magenta fits in well with the colour mixtures, but the dark blue seems out of place in the Dancing Queen (green bottle) and Boogie nights (purple bottle).

To make things a little less confusing these are the colours I matched up to go with the polishes. Thought I would colour coordinate them.

The polishes look better in person. I spent a stupid amount of time trying to capture how they look in person, but it didn’t work.

Clean up on my thumb was taking forever, and I frankly didn’t have the time so I gave up. Rainbow nails is something I have never done, and I’m not particularly keen on how they look. Swatching them on a white or black would be better, but I wanted to do something a bit different. The colour combination on my thumb nail I love! Before I took the polish off I thought I would try my first jelly sandwich. It only worked with two of the polishes.

I like the outcome on the green nail best. After that little experiment time for these to be removed. For a night on the town these would probably look amazing when the light catches them. Overall I think the collection is fun and unusual for a high street brand. On two nails I had to dab the bigger pieces of glitter on as they wouldn’t come off the brush, but you can’t really moan for the price. For £5.00 each they seem good value for money. Boots have them on 3 for 2, and models of has a deal on buy 5 save £7.00 and buy 3 save £3.00 at the moment.

Polishes used: Models own Disco inferno, Dancing Queen, Freak out, Boogie nights and Hot stuff. Sally hansen 2 in 1 base and topcoat. An unlabelled yellow shimmer from misguided. Nails inc Piccadilly circus. O.P.I. no room for the blues. Avon arabian glow nail wear pro in electric green. Avon nail wear pro in luxe lavender. Collection 2000 nail bright.


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