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Must restrain myself from the sales…..oops I didn’t

Show and tell time people!!! I got £42.43 pounds worth of polish for £16.25 XD. It all started with this:


I had two lot’s of these. Every after Christmas Boots give these vouchers away; They give them away other months, but not sure which. With the skin care voucher I buy facial wipes £2.00 instead £7.00. At one point they one point they used to cost a pound. Then with the make up voucher I buy nail polish, and the once an eye-liner. The great thing is every time you buy something (not sure on food or pharmacy products) you get a new voucher. Even if you have just used one. I end up with a good supply of facial wipes that lasts me a while. The price of the nail varnish has slowly crept up so I know pay £3.00 with the voucher. This niggles me a bit as on-line they are £5.50, but in-store £6.00. Downside is you can’t use them to buy on-line.


These are the colours I got in order. Just black, as I didn’t own a plain black. Thunderstorm, winters tale, and so neat. Not sure if you can see in the picture the shimmer in so neat. These four polishes should have come to £24.00, and I got them for £9.00 :). The sale’s assistant let me use my vouchers on the 3 for 2 offer when she shouldn’t have. I did ask if it would work, but she said yes. Free polish for me yipee.


These two I picked up on two separate trips to Sally’s. Merry berry was £2.88 reduced from £6.49. The whole of China glazes Christmas collection was less than half price. Was a tad annoyed glistening snow was in the sale a mere 4 weeks after I purchased it oh well. Jolly holly looked tempting, but It’s not a colour I would use often. On my second trip I went to pick up the James Bond O.P.I Bondette mini set, so I could try live and let die. The sales assistant turned round the O.P.I stand, and a few sets on the that side. I had missed them first time round as I don’t buy O.P.I from Sally’s at £10/11 pound a pop, so naturally I didn’t look. In my mooching there was casino royale, die another day, moon raker, and live and let die all for £4.37. At first I thought they were reduced because the live and let die bottles both had polish on the bottle which appeared to be the world is not enough. When I checked the others none had polish stains. Live and let die was the only polish I wanted from the collection so I’m very happy. I can’t even get O.P.I that cheap from the warehouse :D.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, now head to boots and Sally’s!!!



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