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My very first indie, and stamping mani

I’m back! A day late too whoops. Christmas was great spent lots of time with family, and eating. In my Christmas box off my fiancé I got 2 indies, and bundle monster stamping plates 200-225. He went stalking my etsy favourites. Here is aphrodisiac from wonder beauty products.



The glitter compliments the cool shade perfectly. These nail belong on holiday. On a beach with a good book or the sea. If only I had the money for this holiday.


Now nail polish is no longer causing me to hack up a lung with this chest infection, I couldn’t wait to dive into my Christmas haul. I will post my haul, but there’s a lot so beware of a big post with LOTS of pictures. Aphrodisiac and the stamping plates were calling to me. I couldn’t decide which to use, so naturally I used both. IMG_3153

For months I have wanted chevron nails, but my free handing skills don’t stretch that far sadly. Soon as I say the plate it was O.O lets use it. Sally Hansen’s green tea was the closest colour I had for my stamping accent nail. It was an untried too. Such a pretty colour. Stamping is so quick, and easy. I thought it was going to take forever. Glitter was the first polish I tried to stamp with; as soon as I scraped the excess off it was over. No glitter was left. In keeping with the cool tones of my mani O.P.I’s my boyfriend scales the walls made an appearance. Think I need to stalk the warehouse for a back up! This is where I was a bit worried, and researched the heck out of polish brands other than konad polishes that are good to use for stamping. Turns out there was nothing to worry about. The above picture is my left hand first attempt. My right hand however is :/.


This was my second attempt. The bottom and top bit of the pattern are missing, but I left it as the pattern is quite subtle. Time to talk about aphrodisiac. This is 2 coats, and I think the glitter coverage is great. Especially since I forgot to shake the bottle before I used it. On each nail there are plenty of gold and teal glitters with the added surprise of orange glitter.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty, Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in green tea, Wonder beauty products in aphrodisiac, Seche vite fast dry top coat.


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