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O.P.I Catch me in your net <3

Is it me or does it feel good when you can remove something off your wish list? One I thought that wouldn’t leave my wish list for a long time was O.P.I catch me in your net. It all started relatively low-key with my regular eBay browsing. Couldn’t find any of the dupes for a decent price, but the O.P.I popped up on eBay. I knew it would go for a crazy price, but I thought I’ll bid £6 at the most. Maybe I will strike lucky. I didn’t even get round to bidding or watching it in the end. My phone was on the dressing table, and I was blogging away. Then I get a phone call from my fiancé. Turns out he won the auction. He ssaid “guess how much I won it for?” my reply “I don’t want to know”. He reassured me it was cheaper than he could buy it for. £25.00 :O brand new. That got me thinking do I really want to know. My curiosity won. With postage it came to £17.00. It’s the most expensive nail polish I own O.O.

opi catch me in your net

LOOK AT THE PRECIOUS ONE!!!!!! I was all sorts of excited to own this, as I never thought I would. I promptly went and deleted it off my wish list XD.

OPI catch me in your net green shimmer

Look at the green shimmer. OK I have a confession I need to learn how to figure to take photos without flash, because I shake and get a bunch of blur. As you’ve probably guessed the rest of the pictures on this post will be like this. With the flash on it doesn’t pick up the green shimmer :(. Sorry.

opi ctach me in your net manicure

I used 3 coats for full coverage. I LOVE this polish, such a nice surprise fiancé.

Thank you.

P.S. Sorry about the picture quality.

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