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O.P.I sheer tint vintage dupes

The soon to be released O.P.I sheer tint collection isn’t a new concept. Now I have no idea who originally came up with sheer tinted nail polish, but I’ve got a few in my collection from the late nineties. Unfortunately I have no idea of the actual release date from Maybelline.

maybelline collection 90sI didn’t get to own them until many years after the release (late nineties I was 5/6/7 depending on the release). My mom got me these in my early teens, and at first I wasn’t keen on them. Then when I first started blogging I dug them out to try over GOSH holographic hero, and guess what?! They created colourful holographic’s for me. Being a complete nail junkie I’m still working through my untried’s, but I may just show you very soon how cool they can be. Also the birch box youtube video tutorial of O.P.I tints is a very pretty manicure design. Lets look at the polish.

maybelline orange waterAlthough it looks to be red this polish is actually orange. It’s called orange water. Not a very creative name, but straight to the point. On top of a silver holographic it is a deep orange leaning more towards red. These polishes are very watery, and personally I couldn’t wear them alone.

maybelline lemon waterHere we have lemon water which is yellow as you can see (spreading the descriptive wings with this one). Whilst my bottle looks cloudy it doesn’t apply cloudy. I think due to it sitting so long some of the pigment has settled, and I’m too lazy to shake the bottle for a lengthy amount of time.

maybelline berry waterBerry water is a bright vivid red in the bottle, but on top of holographic polish it isn’t red. More of a magenta.

Maybelline blue waterOddly blue water puts me off in the bottle, but on top of a silver holographic it is a very light blue although the bottle suggests more of a cobalt blue.

These polishes can be fun to play with, so I can see them being a big hit for a little while. Maybe more of a fade than an must have collection from O.P.I. Before taking the plunge and buying the O.P.I collection maybe have a quick look on ebay for these Maybelline’s. They will definitely be a fraction of the price of the O.P.I’s. Although I wish I had a purple tint like O.P.I one.

To see them layered over a silver holographic polish you can find it here. It’s shocking to see how much I’ve improved with my nails.

I ventured outside today to take these. It’s one of my favourite spots to take photos. Hope I’ve done them justice.

Thank you.

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