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Etude house is making my childish dreams come true

Warning: this isn’t a normal polish blog post.

Yes a rather lengthy title, but sometimes it is needed!

As a child I liked Disney. Bambi and Beauty and the Beast being my favourite, but then it involved into a full blown love affair as I got older. I honestly am trying very hard not to purchase all the limited edition shiny sleeved Disney dvd’s. And yes when I went to Disney land florida you can bet your bottom dollar I stalked all the characters for photos. My favourite being Meeko.

So with all that in mind my friend went to Singapore. I had just started my job at the college, and forked out most of my money on work wear. Whilst she was over there I noticed Etude had released a Disney line!!! Still I was behaved and she said she had seen a few bits. Then Annette posted the most fabulous Disney villains scarf a H&M Singapore exclusive. So I may have begged Saira to get me one if she found it. Well she did, and I got a few other Disney surprises from Susan and Lauretta!! Thank you yet again ladies!


Lauretta got me the frozen inspired hand cream which smells divine. Saira got me the scarf and Cinderella eyeshadow for Christmas, and Susan got me the Jasmine polish set!



It even has a little mirror on it, and everything!

Ok so this blog post may be all about pretty packing rather than showing you the products, and I have no shame in that because well I’m like that ha ha.


This eyeshadow has become a staple in my work make up, but lets talk about the pretty packaging! Each of the three eyeshadows have a different coloured pattern on top. I’m hoping to purchase the other two as they are all earthy tones.

IMG_5820All of the nail polishes come in little book boxes which are truly adorable!


Now do you see why I’m in love with this brand?! and the scarf. Hoping to buy 2 of the lipsticks, a blusher and the other 2 eyeshadows from the range.

Thank you.

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Santa came!

Santa was very nice to me this year, and as it has become a tradition on here that I show you what he brought me. Big thank you to everyone who spoiled me

IMG_5797Santa’s elf Saira got me goodies I have been drooling over. So far mirrorball has been worn. It is so beautiful! Saira ticked a few things off my wish list, and I now have ariel who I ALWAYS forget to pick up whilst London. Thank you Saira.


These were in my stocking from nan and granddad. I’m excited to see if the off white is as good as it looks.

IMG_5806Hannah the elf got me too fancy lacquer shrinking violet off my wish list. As usual the formula is flawless. How cute are these hello kitty polishes?! I have a colour blocking manicure in mind for these.

IMG_5805I like glitter, do you like glitter?! I hope you do. My friend got me the nails inc as part of a home made pamper kit (was amazing) and my aunty got me the ciate.

IMG_5802My lovely coworker treated me to these nails inc polishes. She said they had me all over. The veryyy girly polishes are from a fabulous friend who I cant name. Never noticed all the polishes from her were all of the pink nature, but you know sometimes I go all out girly. She created me a nail polish bauble it is amazing. So much so that I’m not opening the bauble. Its forever staying a magnificent bauble.

IMG_5807My fab friend got this as well. It pretty funny because Richard is impressed we have a coke decoration for our tree. He is a coca-cola addict.

My surprise present from my parents was a sensationail gel kit, which I’m looking forward to try. My manicures at both jobs are getting wrecked too fast lately and I end up walking round with horrendously chipped nails for 4 days. At the moment my niece is my test subject. Two nails have chipped, but I think its because I didn’t wrap the tips good enough.

I have lots of blog posts to write. I haven’t disappeared I swear.




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3 in 1

There is a pile of manicures awaiting to put into posts, but I decided posting the christmas ones was more appropriate. I feel awful neglecting the blog, but I honestly have hardly any free time. Social networks  seem to be the only the place I speak to people who I don’t live with or work with.

In all honesty I’m posting because I have a rotten cold that has been brewing since Thursday! Thankfully the nose only started today. Not likely that I could tote a huge box of tissues and a bin round with me at work, or the office really. Have to say I am SO glad I took my moms advice about taking vitamin C when I started work (my immune system is pants). The only thing I’ve had since I started work is one huge migraine, but I can work in the office with that kind of. Sorry for the rambling….

To catch you all up I am loving my new job role, which is a very very good thing considering most days after work I head to the office and my off days from work are spent in the office. At the moment I love both jobs even if doing the two jobs is tiring I really get a lot from both. Office wise a new VERY expensive cutter was purchased, and my god it’s so much faster. The Mr is still teaching me the ropes with the design program it uses.

Due to my lack of time I decided to post all three of my Christmas manicures in one post.

1st xmas manicure 2014

Ok so this is my cheater manicure. I did it October whilst testing out new vinyl designs. No one actually questioned the snow flake in the middle of a Halloween manicure aha. That holo white you can see is vapid lacquer and it has become a staple in my go to polishes.

north pole

north pole polar bear

north pole 2

Expect some manicures that aren’t cleaned up (sorry) in the future. That should sum up my amount of spare time ha ha ha. Nearly all manicures are done whilst watching an episode of orange is the new black with the Mr in bed. Kind of in love with the cuteness of this manicure.

fair isle

fair isle 2

Now this manicure got wrecked so fast, and well it was unfair because I loved my accent nail. The fair isle water decals in the shop I actually couldn’t nab because the stock was selling faster than I expected, and I couldn’t afford not to put them into stock (got the cutter that week). When I mentioned this to a friend in mid shop new stock chat she ordered me a pack in her order and refused to let me refund her.


The support of customers is heart warming, and I am so thankful with everyone’s patience. So that’s where I have been in a rather lengthy post.

Thank you!!


P.S. Does anyone know why ear ache is really painful for me since having and ear infection? Yesterday I was so dizzy it from it I had to stop for a moment to stop it. Rather pathetic when all I have is a cold.


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Halloween 2014

This year Halloween was rather boring, but thats only because time is running away from me and I need to be super organised. Enough of that anyway. Here are my messy unclean manicure 😉

halloween 2014

I didn’t really know what I was doing with these nails, and it took two sittings to finish it.

bat 2014

The purple glitter is Ana Carolina form Esmaltes de Kelly. It’s so sparkly and I didn’t have it in me to cover it up, do I added the bat vinyls from the shops bat stencils. My ring finger was plain black for 3 days and I couldn’t figure out what to add to it, but after doing my sisters and nieces nails I decided the creepy pumpkin face looked up to no good and perfect for Halloween.

Thank you.

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Hotel Transylvania was obviously the best film to watch whilst doing this manicure ;P.

graveyardThe flash and natural light make me want winge, but when you have 5 minutes before you leave to volunteer there isn’t much you can do.

graveyard right

The grey Umberto Giannini polish you can’t really see is beautifully grey. That’s a thing right?! To make the grey pop a bit I added the iconic effect holo topcoat which is a favourite of mine. Then I added the graveyard stencils and slapped a pretty black on top. BAM graveyard nails…I may be sleepy typing right now.

graveyard left

Can you see that ugly chip -_-. Not even 24 hour wear either. I do adore this manicure though.

Thank you


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