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Boo kitty

boo kittys


I adored these boo kitty nails, and when they chipped I was all “booo” myself.

boo kitty left habd

There is a long-winded story about kitty rescuing leading to the water decals, but I will save you.

bewitching nails

Too Fancy Lacquer light shades are becoming a major love of mine. Must behave and not buy anymore….

kitty mix halloween

I wanted to show you my full boo albeit it being blurry. Water decals and vinyls stencils are my go to these days. Life is so much easier with them for me.

Thank you

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Feeling thirsty

Sometimes I do silly things like cut my nails painfully short. EVERY damn time! Thankfully they grow like weeds.

feeling thirsty

DS radiance feels like a Christmas polish when I’m wearing, but I made it work. Slap a bit of blood on and some fangs…voila. The drips are actually a tester vinyl, and the fangs are available on the shop.

Ok so my accent is a white holo. It’s a tad grey when putting it next to something white, but I won’t complain.

Thank you ­čÖé

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The best Halloween glitter EVER

At some point in summer Sally Magpies had a sale and I thought it was a good time to pick up my very first Pretty Serious polish. Bloody bride was sold out and then I saw Haddonfield. I wasn’t a hundred percent sold on it, but I knew I would either love it or hate it. My mom actually loves it.

ps haddonfield

haddonfield pumpkin

pumpkin stencil haddonfield

I did have a bit of a chuckle last week. A little one asked why I had Halloween on my nails already. For my accent nail I used a Jessie’s girls polish I’ve forgotten the name of, and then used a nail art brush to add the holographic stripes. The face was done using the pumpkin face stencils in the shop and a-england bridal veil.

I’m now in love with this polish.

Thank you.

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I still don’t know if I can wear bright colours for work, so on a Sunday evening I’ve been changing my manis to something neutral to be on the safe side. Then Thursday evening I change it to something more me. For this manicure I used my work mani for the base colour.

scary face spotted

creepy face recycing

bellys gonna getcha

Really I just wanted to play with O.P.I Spotted. Its going to take some practice. I used a really thin coat. It was that thin I didn’t think there was any polish on the brush. There are┬ásome spots, but also long dragged out spots which some could say are cracks LOL. On the accent nail I added a spooky face from the shop.

Thank you

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*I’m such a bad blogger I have a small stash of posts yet I haven’t posted anything in 11 days.

I don’t particularly like the critters with those thin creepy legs, but I do appreciate spider webs as long as they aren’t touching me!

soider web vynls

I did something a bit silly. I used a thermal over the top of the stencil, so you can’t see a difference in colour unless you stare it out big time with your nail nearly in your eyeball.

holo spider webs

I also asked my fiance if a thermal would work over a normal polish, and he was like why wouldn’t it? Felt a bit stupid but hey.

neon spider left

neon spider rightMy little spiders were stamped on, but the only issue was they weren’t very opaque. Got the dotting tool out to fill it in. Vinyl stencils are making my life so much easier, because I’m pants at freehand.

Thank you


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