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Pastel tape manicure

Tapey time. Haven’t used stripping tape in a while, so it was time to dig it out. Now there is some terrible shrinkage coming up. You all know the culprit!! Seche vite. Never have I had shrinkage this bad before. It was that bad I gave up on clean up. Seriously annoyed me.

gradient tape manicure

Before the top coat annoyed me I was already disliking this due to the multiple coats of polished used. Looked thick and nasty. I decided to do a gradient underneath to add some fun to the manicure.

tape manicure shrinkage

It’s horrible isn’t it?! Got to stay true to my blog and post the failures.

essie bikini so teeny, we're in together and seche may be modest

I used Essie bikini so teeny, Seche vite may be modest, and Essie we’re in it together.

Thank you 🙂

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