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Paul & Joe ‘A Mid Summers Night’ Nail Polish swatches

Since the end of the summer I have been drooling over Paul & Joe’s ‘A mid summer night’ collection. Paul & Joe is is a luxury make up brand to me. It’s the design of packaging, and the little detail on the products. Who’s seen the cat lipstick?! Adorable isn’t the word. Next seasons lipsticks have a carousel horse on :O. Sadly I cant afford Paul & Joe unless its in the sale. I snatched these babies up in ASOS’s Christmas sale.


The box is gorgeous I’ve decided I’m not throwing it away it’s too pretty. I need a whole stand full of these bottles, even if they are empty. They look so glamorous to me. On the left is sprite 029, and on the right is pixie 030. It’s like a bottle full of Tinker bell’s pixie dust!!!.


Pixie would make a nice topcoat. Personally I will probably use it to build up full coverage. This polish is jam packed full of holographic glitters. The formula went on great.


Here is sprite. Applying more coats doesn’t effect the colour. 3 coats hides the vnl in most lights. The pink/purple shimmer is really pretty. In the daylight a hint of green/yellow shimmer appears when moving the nail. Pixie has got to be my favourite, and I would recommend both these polishes.


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