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Peanut butter jelly time!!!

Your singing it aren’t you?

This polish has been in hiding since my birthday in March ready for Autumn. It was a present from my polish momma. The wonderful peanut butter and jelly from whimsical ideas by Pam.


pams whimsical ideas pb&j

The whole packaging is adorable!

pb&j with feathers

I wasn’t sure how many coats I would need for full coverage, so I started off with a base of honk if you love opi. It is a lot darker than peanut butter and jelly. Just means I have to try it without a base colour sooner ;). On both hands I did a bit of feather stamping. This is my right hand (non dominant) which I prefer. I used born pretty QA40 plate, and Barry M gold foil. On this hand there are three different feather images used. I seem to be using this plate a lot lately.

pb&j with some holo

For the accent nail on my left iconic effect holo topcoat was used before stamping. Personally I don’t like the colour with holo on top. For the stamping I stuck to one image, and stamped it side by side in opposite directions.

Peanut butter and jelly is a gorgeous shade. Except me no likee peanut butter and jelly to eat.

Also I missed my blogs birthday on the 14th of October oops. I’ve also entered a competition over at Taras talons, so if you could vote for me I would appreciate it :). Thank you.

Thank you for reading, and thank you Inky.

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