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Picture polish Imperial

The weather is gorgeous today, and I took advantage of it this morning walking the dog before I become a slave to my university work.

pp imperialHave to say I adore this polish. Probably because the glitter and shimmer make it very unusual. I applied 3 coats for full coverage, and it dried waxy looking. I did have a picture of it like that, but I accidentally deleted it oops. Then I added the topcoat to make the shimmer really pop. Now I feel I must own more picture polish collabs with glitter sprinkled in them aka douceur.

new nail shapeAs you’ve gathered I’ve gone oval. Now naturally my nails grow rounded and I hate how rounded they are on my index fingers. I’m still torn over my nails being squared off, and will most likely revisit them when I FIND that stupid bottle of nailtiques, as this time round the edges were breaking, so the squared shape wasn’t as square. Also my nails don’t grow straight. They grow curved, so after a while I feel like I have witches nails when they are squared off. Nub city would usually have been my port of call with all the breakages, but on the edges they were that low it would have been painful. So I had no choice, but to go oval. Oddly they feel a lot stronger being oval, but that may just be me. My PM will also be happy I haven’t given them the chop.

Yes I’m as shocked as you that I’ve just rambled on about nail shape considering I hate filling, but there we go.

Thank you :).

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