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Polish days seven deadly sins: Lust

I joined polish days wooo. I’m pretty excited for this months theme, all thanks to my new water decals I ordered!

yrnails decals 1

Pin up girl decals!!!! When I saw these decals they had to be mine, along with a few other pin-up designs on the site. I adore pin-up girls. If I ever had a large tattoo it would be Vivienne Westwoods naughty Alice pin-up. Anyway getting back on track. I’ve never used water decals before, this is my first attempt. I chose this little lady sitting pretty.

yrnails beach pin up decals

There was no plan for this manicure just excitement over using new purchases. Like my new maybelline with its lovely jelly with scattered holo glitter.

chevron french tip

The colour isn’t a wise choice for the decal, but it feels like a secret within my manicure (I swear I’m not crazy).

sitting pretty nail decal

My nails are painted rather messy; sorry it was a rush job. The chevron french tip came about, because I had tip wear appearing. Bridal veil vamped it up, and dare I say made it a bit sexy?

first chevron french tip

I’m excited to see the other entry’s now.

Thank you.

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