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Santa came!

Santa was very nice to me this year, and as it has become a tradition on here that I show you what he brought me. Big thank you to everyone who spoiled me

IMG_5797Santa’s elf Saira got me goodies I have been drooling over. So far mirrorball has been worn. It is so beautiful! Saira ticked a few things off my wish list, and I now have ariel who I ALWAYS forget to pick up whilst London. Thank you Saira.


These were in my stocking from nan and granddad. I’m excited to see if the off white is as good as it looks.

IMG_5806Hannah the elf got me too fancy lacquer shrinking violet off my wish list. As usual the formula is flawless. How cute are these hello kitty polishes?! I have a colour blocking manicure in mind for these.

IMG_5805I like glitter, do you like glitter?! I hope you do. My friend got me the nails inc as part of a home made pamper kit (was amazing) and my aunty got me the ciate.

IMG_5802My lovely coworker treated me to these nails inc polishes. She said they had me all over. The veryyy girly polishes are from a fabulous friend who I cant name. Never noticed all the polishes from her were all of the pink nature, but you know sometimes I go all out girly. She created me a nail polish bauble it is amazing. So much so that I’m not opening the bauble. Its forever staying a magnificent bauble.

IMG_5807My fab friend got this as well. It pretty funny because Richard is impressed we have a coke decoration for our tree. He is a coca-cola addict.

My surprise present from my parents was a sensationail gel kit, which I’m looking forward to try. My manicures at both jobs are getting wrecked too fast lately and I end up walking round with horrendously chipped nails for 4 days. At the moment my niece is my test subject. Two nails have chipped, but I think its because I didn’t wrap the tips good enough.

I have lots of blog posts to write. I haven’t disappeared I swear.




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