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Today I have my very first U.K. indie from Tarastalons. I pounced on the two I liked when the shop restocked. Someone stole the one I wanted from underneath me the other day…..well not literally I just feel a tad bitter the pretty was sold.

scintilla tarastalonsScintilla is a white and lavender glitter topper. The base is full of tiny silver glitter allowing you to see the base colour, but also making it shimmery. The bigger pieces of glitter are lavender and white squares and hexes. I am looking forward to trying it on top of other pastel polishes, and darker colours come autumn. The only downside is the brush. I needed to dip it in the polish a couple of times to cover one nail, but then it is a mini 5ml bottle. The formula was perfect for me a.k.a no fishing. You will be seeing another one of Tara’s polishes soon, and I’m excited to use it after this polish.

Essie navigate herMy base colour was a stressful one. The lovely Wendy saw me moaning on twitter about my no buy (at the time; I’ve decided to call it a low buy now). My polish monster was shouting at me to buy Essie navigate her. Wendy popped up and gave me hers as she doesn’t like the formula. I can see where she is coming from! First two coats were streaky, and the third was perfect. Except every coat bubbled!! I have no clue why at all. This is my fourth Essie and I only love the formula on one. What gives do Essie’s hate me and Wendy or something? Navigate her is the perfect green for me. It is a beautiful shade, pretty sure it matches my wallpaper in my room. Once I added scintilla the bubbles went into hiding thankfully.

Also thank you again Wendy!!

scintilla and navigate herYou guys I need your help kind of. What do you think about my nails being squared off? I can’t decide between my normal shape or squared off. I feel they look acrylically squared off; do they?

Thank you 🙂



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