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Seaside Splash: July GlossyBox

This months Glossybox has nail polish strips!!! I did say if my Glossybox has nail related products I would share. Loving this box this month. Bit of a warning: this is picture heavy, went a bit crazy taking pictures in the garden this morning.

july 2013 glossybox

How pretty is the box?!!? Yeh I’m a complete sucker for pretty packaging. Glossybox never fails on packaging for me, and I recycle it all in various ways.

glossy july 13 seaside

sunscreen glossybox july

First product to be promptly used was this tester of COOLA mineral face SPF 20 unscented sunscreen as the weather is glorious but my milk bottle skin doesn’t agree. I burn ridiculously easy. Nice things about this product are its organic which is always a plus, and it isn’t oily or shiny once on. On the downside I had to use double the amount of standard sunscreen; doesn’t go very far. Now this is more of a personal choice, but I wish it was scented I don’t like the natural smell. Once I put it on I havent smelt it at all, so I’m on the fence a bit there. Great product to fit in with the boxes seaside splash theme.

face spritz july glossybox

Anatomicals spray misty for me facial spritz for a cool down. Anyone else a little apprehensive at spraying stuff at your own face like me? I’ve had a spray, but before that I went and sprayed moms and my nieces face. All of us like the smell. Mom said it cooled her down slightly. For me it was more of an instant cool then back to normal.

texture mist july glossybox

Alterna bamboo style boho waves tousled texture mist is a product I would welcome any-day. Texture sprays and creams work well for my hair when its long as it has a natural wave and sometimes if im lucky curl to it. Slap some on and voilà easy hair for me. After a quick spray on my ponytail I think I would need to be generous with it, as only a bit went wavy (then again my hairs pretty straight today?). The smell is very light and nice.

sleek paint pout

Very intrigued by these Sleek pout paints. I received 2 in minx and mauve over. My sister has already put her name down for mauve over if it’s too bright for my skin tone, and at the moment I don’t think it is too much of a shocker for my skin. I’ll be asking everyone I come into contact with today if it’s too bright I’m like that hahah. Used a teeny tiny amount and applied it with my finger, and I have to say its pretty on the money with the pigmentation and small amount talk. Surprise thumbs up there.

essie glossy july

essie close up july

When I opened the box my eyes ZOOMED in on these!! I have wanted to try them for a while especially the once with writing on. That design is to die for. I got croc’ n chic which is a me design and very neutral. This made the box for me for 2 reasons. Reason 1 they cost £10.00 in boots and I can’t justify it for strips so yay. Reason 2 the box costs £10.00 (without shipping) so it’s a great item for a nail lover like me to receive without the rest of the contents.

You all know if I cant use polish for a while or I’m out the country strips are my go to, so Im looking forward to trying these.

As always I have to say thank you to Rich as he got me the subscription to Glossybox. I did get this box free from filling in the review questionnaires and getting glossy dots. Now I feel I havent overloaded you enough with photos, so here’s an Allium that’s sadly no longer in flower but pretty all the same.


Get your GlossyBox here!

Thank you 🙂

Hope everyone’s enjoying this glorious weather!!

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