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show us your hearts

#showusyourheart nailsI’ve entered my very first nail art competition O.O. Feels odd to say that. Bit miffed Instagram didn’t like the above photo -_-.

all the pink hearts nailsThe thought behind the competition is great! It’s to spread the love and positivity in the nail community. All you have to do is incorporate a heart, and write a bit about someone. My support network is great, and I could have picked anyone of them, but I really wanted to focus on the nail community. It was obvious for me to choose Inky whisker’s. As I said on instagram she really helped me in improving my nail art skills, and general nail painting skills. She helped make my birthday special after I told her I wasn’t bothered about turning 21. We talk about the most random crap half the time, but I know I could talk to her about serious things as well. Most of all she is my polish mama!!!

nail heartsMy idea actually translated to my nails really well. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I painted a load of squares (way too many) in different shades of pinks on a sandwich bag. Little tip I’ve always ended ripping my lacquer sheets using tweezers to pull it straight off the bag. Now I stick down a long piece of tape, and paint part the tape and then the bag. I find it works better long as you have good quality sandwich bags. Peel the tape towards the lacquer and it should work. Then I just hole punched my little squares.

An overlapping line of hearts looks pretty cute I think. Very apt for valentine’s day.

right hand heart nailsHere’s my right hand. My base isn’t very neat, and I struggled with formula of nails inc Mayfair last night. Was a pain in my butt, but it’s such a pretty colour. Bad formula equals terrible right hand. You win some, you lose some oh well.

shimmery glittery heartsSparkly glittery hearts. My inner girly girl is impressed haha. Please excuse the bubbles. My Seche Vite is having a wobbly today.

If your on instagram go enter the competition!!!

Thank you šŸ™‚






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