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Sinful colors treasure chest

I’ve said it mutliple times and I will say it again: Why oh why Sinful did you not bring us the textures?! Better yet why did you make them limited edition?

Are you ready for treasure chest picture spam?!


the lady varnishes pestering peeves

sinful colors treasre chest shimmerLook at the gold shimmer!!

shaded sc tc

peesky peeves transitionsinful color texture

This was 2 coats of treasure chest. It dried fast by my standards (SV spoiled me for life). Out of my very small collection of textures this one is the most textured, but it doesn’t catch on things thankfully. This manicure was wore for 6 days with minimal tip wear :O!

The thermal accent nail was a happy accident, as I wasn’t sure which of the 2 lady varnishes polishes was a thermal. One of the little girls at the school I volunteer at was amazed by it when I put the nail onto the radiator.

Usually I paint my nails at night, and then photograph them after. This time I took a gamble and hoped they didn’t chip. Wise decision if you ask me, as we got some sun!

Thank you PM for y polishes, and thank you for reading

P.S. I’ve been quiet on the blog front due to my dissertation.


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