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Something simple

My weekend has been eventful you could say. Having had a car accident, and my neck and shoulders killing is not what we had planned. All that matters is me and my fiancé are OK. Once I got home and stopped freaking out about it, I thought how am I going to paint my nails. Sounds really really vain I know, but its become my way de-stressing as of late and with the horrible year that has been 2012 I need to paint them to keep my sanity! I thought my mani would be fine until Monday, but no it had to be chipped the next morning didn’t it?! So I thought lets just stick to one colour that dries easily. Enter Sally Hansen insta-dri ruby rush. It’s still in keeping with my untrieds, but the other colours from the collection I have used have dried quickly. Then I figured out if I sat up in bed and put a huge candle on my knees it’ll work. Which it did. Didn’t need to bend my neck at all. The application though was all over the show. Now last time I used a polish from this line 10 minutes after application it was dry. Wasn’t the case this time though; a smudge appeared…………The process then dragged on for another 20 minutes. I mean come on it was meant to be a 20 minute job that took an hour! The universe hates me I swear!

Lets talk about bottles. The complete salon manicure bottle works better for me than the insta-dri bottle. There’s no room for me wipe the excess off the brush on the insta-dri opening where as I can on the other. The complete salon manicure bottle is also easier to hold. I’m petrified that I will drop the insta-dri bottle every time, but enough of my moaning they only cost me a £1.00 each. So here is my mani:

Guess what’s in fashion again? jewel tones. For the past four years they have been a big hit around winter time so what better colour to paint my nails than this.

My seche vite is acting peculiar. I’ve read that it goes thick after being opened for a while. Mines been open for about 4/5 weeks. The odd thing about it is, it only shows the thickness when I’m applying it to my nail. Shrinkage has only been a problem since its become thick as well. I need to look for these thinning drops…..I may or may not be eyeing the huge refill bottle. My a-england order came on Saturday XD. The only reason I haven’t used them, is because tomorrow I am at my placement so my nails will probably end up chipped.

Above are the polishes I used. The colour of the Sally Hansen polish is ruby rush.

Turns out this something simple, wasn’t simple at all.


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