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Spotty dotty doticure

POLKA DOTS are the one! For the past few years they have been the ‘in’ thing at some point during the year. Not that I’m complaining, because frankly I would still wear them anyway. Dotting tools were on my to buy list, but my fiance surprised me with a set off Ebay.

Tada nothing special I know. Is it sad I was excited to use these? Probably oh well. Seen as they are purple I thought I would stick to the purple theme. It helped that I own a few purples even though most are darker shades.

Being a righty I found my left hard to dot. My hand was shaking like crazy, but it didn’t turn out terrible. I was kind of shocked how quick it was to do a doticure. This manicure is also the first time I have experienced any problems with seche vite; My dots were definitely dry, but seemed to drag when I applied the seche vite on top :/ some of the dots on my left hand are bit a bit off. Shocked they weren’t worse the way I shaking. I don’t think it was bad for a first attempt at a full doticure (yes I’m adopting the word).

Started off with ever faithful No7 2 in 1 base coat, 3 coats of Nail inc palace mews. For the dots I used Sally Hansens uptempo plum, a no named Front cover polish, No7’s speed dry in blackberry, and finally one of my favorite polish’s a-england’s lady of the lake.

I have my eye on a few beauties from a-england’s ‘the legends’ collection, maybe santa will bring me them. So I’m struggling to take pictures of my own hand. Silly I know especially as i got C in A-level photography for flips sake. I shake my head at myself, as you can imagine when I’ve got to take pictures off my left hand it just goes further down hill. Yesterday after I had taken the pictures and put the memory card in my laptop, it had a fit on me. The images just disappeared to say I was not happy was an understatement -_- but what could I do.


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